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Story Songs Creations gives children of all ages a "we can accomplish anything attitude."

Founded in 1989, Story Song Creations began as an in-school workshop designed to help children of all ages to retain the lessons they were learning in school by writing and performing songs about the subjects they were studying. What Story Song’s Founding Director Dan Hall realized during those early workshops was this: when students take facts and information and express them creatively as a song, the lessons become a part of them and stay with kids forever.

Over the last 18 years, Dan has conducted hundreds of Story Song Creations residencies in schools, community centers, camps and churches, and has composed, performed and recorded over 500 songs in collaboration with more than 100,000 elementary students and Story Songsters of all ages. With his natural affinity for working with children and music, Dan harnesses the raw talent and energy of the young writers with meaningful, education-based lyrics and rich melodies to create songs that each student owns. Song writing topics have included everything from math and science to the art of Vincent Van Gogh to the joys of digging in the dirt while getting along with friends. “The kids contribute a lot while having a great time,” said Dan. “All of us, the kids, teachers, parents, me and my crew cooperate together in an enjoyable and enriching educational experience. To me, that’s what Story Song Creations is all about.”


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